Handcrafted abc Hornbook replicas - with genuine cow horn
America's main source of ABC Hornbooks with genuine horn imported from England.  Most of Gene's handcrafted replicas are offered with, or without, expensive horn sheets.  The only other source may be www.patriothorns.com 

ABC HORN BOOKS were for centuries a CHILD'S INTRODUCTION TO READING.   The "horn" book got its name from the translucent sheet of cow horn - held in place by tacks - to protect its printed lessonsheet on a quarter-inch thick solid wooden (oak) paddle.   The simple text typically included the alphabet, vowel sounds, and the Lord's Prayer (Our Father).         A charming design decorated the paddle's backboard. 
 #160 "An Illustrated History of ABC Hornbooks" >> 
$9.95  OR $8 when ordered with Large CHB or Large EHB​
This beautifully illustrated work traces the history of horn books of Colonial America and the Old World.  Such one page "books" were the first learning devices  placed directly into the hands of children. Edited by Gene Wilson, 60 pages, 100 illustrations, color cover, heavy vellum paper, spiral binding.    
#116  "A Brief History of ABC Hornbooks" 16pp. $2. >>
with first quality GENUINE HORN

Each delightful miniature [ 3.5 x 1.8" ] horn book is a conversation piece right out of history!  A transparent sheet of semi-precious horn ($10 worth) has been drilled and tacked to the solid 1/4" thick wooden paddle to protect the lesson sheet.  16 page history included.
Replicas measure 6 x 3.25" and are typical of the traditional size of an antique horn book.  16 page history is included.  Genuine cow horn imported from England [3 3/4 x 2 1/2" - $26 worth] is tacked to the antiqued oak paddle with a charming backboard design.

#Lg CHB or #Lg EHB   * $32-$52. 
*depending upon horn quality as shown below!
#Lg EHB English avail at $32, $45, and $52.
#Lg CHB Colonial  avail at $40 and $45.
​Ship backboard design                                   Click on photo below to see item more clearly                           St. George & Dragon backboard

#Sm CHB Colonial
#Sm EHB English
#Sm CHB or #Sm EHB    
#46  GINGERBREAD HORN BOOK MOLD carved by            
carved by         
"America's Cookie Mold Carver" Gene Wilson        
6.3 x 3.5" cherry wood    $48.        
Includes our 16 page history booklet        
​"To Master John, the English Maid
A horn book gives of GINGERBREAD.
And that the Child may learn the better,
As he can name, he eats the letter.
Proceeding thus with vast Delight,
He spells and gnaws from left to right!"
- Priors Poems
​Inexpensive  abc Horn Books 5 x 2.7" WITHOUT HORN
Solid wood paddle.  Each includes our 16 page history

#Sm CH  Sm Colonial Hornbook with ship backboard  $6.
#Sm EH  Sm English Hornbook with St. Geo/Dragon  $6.
#Med CH Colonial Hornbook with ship backboard  $10.
#Med EH  English Hornbook with St. Geo/Dragon  $10.
#194   ABC Lessonsheet  $3.
Printed on a Reliance hand press at University of Illinois in 1994, this fine paper ABC lesson sheet is great for educational demonstration and display.  Its Casion Old Face Roman and italic type was handset by Cynthia Pederson.  Paper approx 3.5 x 5" 
HOBI Cookie Molds & Hornbooks, PO Box 25
Belleville, IL 62222

Gene Wilson is "America's Cookie Mold Carver" 
and offers the St. George and Dragon mold design and 100 other hand carved molds at www.CookieMold.com
It was destiny that my 35 years of teaching, background in art and printing, and my interest in history would converge upon the forgotten abc hornbook.
Over the past 40 years I have become this country's only crafter of hornbook replicas with genuine animal horn, the only woodcarver of gingerbread  hornbooks, and a publisher of little hornbook histories.
- Gene Wilson

Among the hundreds of dollars of horn sheets that we import from England, some are not uniformly transparent and fail to meet our high standards.  Therefore, we are heavily discounting this group of horn books which we have crafted using these second quality horn sheets.  

Hopefully, a greater number of educators, librarians, ans historians  will be able to afford one or more of these interesting conversational pieces at our discounted price.
AVG Q horn $45.     BELOW AVG Q horn $40.     POOR Q horn $32.       //       AVG Q horn $44-45.     BELOW AVG Q horn $40.    POOR Q horn $32.
HBC#1  $45
HBC#45  $45
HBC#BA  $40
HBC#B $32
HBC#3  $32
HBE#A  $45

HBE#BA  $32
HBE#P  $32
HBE#3  $45

HBC#2 $45

HBC#3 $45
Click on any of these thumbnail photos to see enlarged details!
HBC#7  $45

Photo Not Available